Prime Minister's Business Advisory Council

Prime Minister's Business Advisory Council

Nā tōu rourou, nā tōku rourou ka ora te iwi
Through collaboration we can all thrive


12 business leaders from across New Zealand and a range of sectors make up the Council. The Council is not a government working group, but a voluntary effort by business leaders who give their time, expertise and resources freely to consider issues of national interest and to provide free-and-frank advice.

As planned, the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council has concluded formal engagement ahead of the 2020 election. In the context of COVID-19, the PMBAC hopes that it’s members diverse experience and capability is able to be applied in a properly mandated Recovery Taskforce and a Reform Commission. The letter dated 15 May covers this approach.

A Future That Works

Harnessing automation for a more productive and skilled New Zealand. 


The Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council partnered with McKinsey & Company to deliver this unique report on the significant opportunities and risks associated with the coming wave of automation. It provokes new conversations and a sense of urgency on the actions our country needs to take to be a productive, vibrant and working economy, confidently moving into the future of work.

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Kiwi employers need to be at the forefront of confidently leading the automation transformation. This means adopting new technologies to compete and thrive while also ensuring employees have ample opportunities to be part of the journey. In this context, worker training and re-skilling are some of the most impactful actions employers can take.

We are challenging Kiwi employers to lead by joining us in pledging to double their training/re-skilling hours by 2025 and to publicly disclose that investment in their annual reports.