was created in order to fill a need. The gaming industry is only getting larger, but New Zealand players are still scratching their heads trying to make sense of all the terminology, bonuses, and games available today. Basically, punters are suffering from information overload, and we’re here to save the day.

In a fun, professional, and gamer-savvy fashion, was created in order to give New Zealand gamers all the information they need in small, digestible, and understandable bite sizes. That way, instead of getting overwhelmed by the data flowing in, kiwis can become informed! Our site includes:

  • Bonus offers and explanations like what are free spins and where to find them
  • Online casino reviews
  • Slots reviews
  • Editorial pieces to help better understand the gaming process including sign up procedures, rules, tricky terms and conditions, withdrawals and deposits, and more

You get the kind of information you want without all the extra mumbo jumbo, so you can get to the serious business of having fun with online casino games you can trust.

Our Promise to You

We appreciate our members, so we make you and everyone else who visits our site a promise. You come here seeking knowledge, and we will guarantee you fair and balanced reviews written with the sole purpose of helping fellow gamblers get a better gaming experience all around. We’ve searched the internet for the best deals, the hottest game launches, the most reliable online casinos, and the smartest gaming tips to help make you a better player. And that’s our promise to you.

What is Our Experience with Online Casinos?

Good question! We’re not just a pair of tech geeks clacking keys and crunching algorithms under the guise of legitimate gamers (though we’re not going to lie, programming is a fun pastime!) No, all of our writers have hands-on experience with each of these games, online casinos, and applications to ensure that we are giving you the most accurate, reliable, and honest information possible. We’ll never leave you hanging, and that’s a promise.

Who’s Writing for Us?

Programming humour aside, our writers are all professional, college-educated journalists who also happen to love punting. With a combination of humour, professionalism, and industry knowhow, our dedicated staff contributes each piece for the greater gambling community. You’re welcome.

Writer’s Profile

Brandon Clark loves to gamble responsibly, and that puts him in the perfect position to write articles for With the fervour of a real gamer, Clark tackles every game or casino review with excitement and expertise honed from years in the industry. Basically, if Brandon says it’s good, it’s good.