While players come to online casinos for a number of reasons, the most appealing gaming category has to be online slots. After all, no other game offers you the benefits that this one does. Slots are great because they:

  • Have so many choices. Literally hundreds of games to choose from.
  • Have so much variety. The themes, characters, and designs are unbelievable, so there’s something for every personality, penchant, and punter.
  • Have so much to offer. The bonus features available for online slots are not to be compared with any other game. Free games, bonuses, extra cash, wild cards, and more await the avid slots player.
  • Are so much fun! With all that, how could you not have a blast?
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New Zealand punters particularly appreciate online slots for the exciting possibilities they present. You can find the biggest jackpots with progressive games, and many titles like Mega Moolah or Major Millions have jackpots in the hundreds of millions. That’s life-changing!

Want to know where to find all this exciting slots machine action? Head straight for one of our recommended casinos like 32Red, Casumo, Leo Vegas, Mr Green, or Ruby Fortune. They’ve got a tremendous variety of online slots that you can test drive right now.

Our Recommended Slot Games

Not sure where to start? Then take these top rated slots machines for a test drive, and see what good gaming really looks like:

  • Mega Moolah - Mega Moolah is a popular choice for obvious reasons. Just look at the title. That’s right; punters can actually win mega moolah playing this game. To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, the last jackpot winner walked away with 3.7 million.
  • Gonzo’s Quest - Everyone loves Gonzo’s Quest. The character is just so endearing, and the bonuses are just as loveable, so don’t skip this fabulous slots machine.
  • Twin Spin - Based on the exciting 243-ways to win structure, Twin Spin makes the game even more thrilling by duplicating the reels for twice the action, twice the wins, and twice the fun!
    How Online Slots Work

Online slots machines are set up with a basic structure, and then the themes and various software developers build on that foundation. The games are played on grids made up of reels. Simpler games have 3 reels, and more complex games have 5 (generally, there are a few exceptions, but this is the vast majority). The reels are populated with symbols. Symbols will vary based on the theme of the game, but frequently there are some basic symbols that run throughout most games like the royalty suits in a deck of cards.

When the game starts, the wheels start to spin via a computer program and graphical interface. So, what you see is spinning reels with symbols whizzing by. What’s actually happening is a computer algorithm is running that randomly generates each of the symbols that appear. The program randomly selects when each symbol will appear as well as when bonus features will crop up.

Players win when winning symbol combinations appear on the active paylines. Different games have varying choices for how many paylines are available to activate. Some have anywhere from 20-100 paylines that you can manually toggle on while other games have an impressive 243 paylines that are always active.

Winning Money with Slots

Winning a slots machine game is a complex subject. Winning depends on two things:

  • The odds or house edge of a game. This means the overall percentage of times a game must pay out based on the second factor…
  • The random number generator. Fair games are programmed with an RNG so that the symbols and payouts are randomised (no fixed games like in land-based casinos).

As we said, the RNG creates the winning outcome, but the house edge determines how often a game will pay out. This doesn’t determine when a win will occur, though. Meaning, a game can pay out two days in a row and then not pay out again for weeks. Obviously, the smaller wins occur more frequently than the major jackpots.

But gamblers certainly do win, and sometimes astronomically well. For example:

  • One lucky punter from Greece walked away with €6.3 million on Mega Moolah
  • Another one from Sweden landed €7.6 million playing Hall of Gods
  • How about the Finish gamer who took €17.8 million with a 25p wager?

Types of Slots

There are some basic formats for online slots. The ones you’ll see are:

  • 3 reel online slots
    These are the classic one-armed bandits that remind you of old-time casinos. They have basic themes and don’t involve the complex bonus structures of other games. These are good for nostalgia or just relaxing.
  • 5 reel online slots
    5-reels are where things start to get interesting. With more places on the reels, gamers’ odds of winning are higher. Additionally, developers throw in a lot more flair into these games. For example, the 243 payline options are generally only on 5-reelers. 243 payline games give you tremendous winning opportunities because of all those paylines so that the earnings can be colossal.
  • Progressive slots
    Progressive slots are the most lucrative of all. These jackpots are communally funded, meaning each time someone plays, a percentage of their wager goes to the pot, so the jackpot grows continuously. Popular options like Mega Moolah and King Cashalot can climb as high as several million euros, making them the most exciting, profitable, and loved slots online. Every punter should give these games a try occasionally because winning that big is the stuff dreams are made of.
  • Video-themed slots
    Video slots are the most entertaining games with outstanding high-definition graphics, fabulous sound effects, and exciting bonus features like collapsing wilds, expanding wilds, wheel of fortune bonus rounds, and more. Check them out to see what we mean.

How to Choose a Slots Game

With hundreds of options, choosing a slots machine can be more stressful than a quarterly review! Fortunately, there are obvious indicators that can help you find the best slots for you. Follow us:


One of the easiest indications that a slots machine is worth your time is the software developer that created it. While some of the smaller name brands will offer a good game here or there, the big players in the industry have decades of tried and true software development, with hundreds of quality options to show for it. If you opt for a game from Microgaming, Playtech, or Net Entertainment (NetEnt), you know you are getting an outstanding game. Each has their strong suits so that you can gauge your choice according to that. For example, Microgaming is constantly putting out new games, so they have the freshness aspect on their side. NetEnt games are known for their exciting bonus features, including more than usual scatter symbol distribution. And, Playtech has some great graphics you don’t want to miss.

Odds: House Edge

The odds of winning a game are also a good indicator of how much fun you’ll have. While it’s not always about winning, a game that never pays out will get boring fast. Compare the house edge/payout percentages of various games you’re considering to find the ones that will give you the most action for your money. You want a game with a low house edge.


The real magic of online slots is the variety of themes. There are literally hundreds of games out there with every theme you could possibly imagine. From fruit slots to sports themes, pop culture figures and movies and TV shows, if you can dream it, they’ve probably already made a slot for it. When you’re searching for the perfect slots machine, look for a theme you enjoy. Are you a big fan of Christian Bale? Then check out the Microgaming hit The Dark Knight slots. Love Greek mythology? Opt for NetEnt’s Hall of Gods. Trust us, from Avalon to Zany Zebra; there’s something for everyone out there.

Free Mode

Are you more of a hands-on punter? If you need to feel something in your hands, take a game for a test drive before you commit, or just want to see things in action, then there’s an easy solution for you. Try out various games through a casino’s free mode, and see what it’s all about without spending a thing. Not all games are available in demo mode, but the vast majority are, so you can really get a good feel for the slots before you even make a deposit.

How to Play Online Slots

Ok, now you’re almost ready to play. You’ve learned the background, and now it’s time to take a look at the technical aspect of slots. Here’s where you’ll learn how to play, so you can dive right in.

  • Bets - The first thing you need to start an online slots game is to place a wager. Select the value of the coin and how many coins you want to bet using the + and - arrows. Then, choose the number of paylines you want active. The more paylines activated, the higher and more likely your winnings will be.
  • Symbols -Each game has theme-appropriate symbols filling its reels. Read the pay table to get an idea of which symbols will do what and how much they’re worth.
  • Bonus features - Bonus features are the cream of the crop of slots machines. Bonuses are added prizes that appear randomly or when triggered during the game. See the pay table for these features, as well.

Our Slot Reviews

Want the inside scoop? Browse through our in-depth online slots reviews to get a thorough, unbiased, and insider’s view of each game as it comes out. Check out all of our games reviews right here.

Using Online Slots Bonuses to Your Advantage

Online casinos give some pretty hefty bonuses, and many are associated with the slots section of their gaming collection. Learning how to make the most out of these offers can get tricky though. Here are a few pointers on maximising those bonus offers to get the most out of your game play:

  • Pay attention to expiration dates
  • Sign up for notifications so you’re not missing out
  • Check playing conditions, so you know which games qualify

Top Tips for Online Slots

Ready to have some fun? Then, use these smart tips for mastering the art of online slots:

  • Play max bet for bigger payouts
  • Turn on max paylines for maximum winning opportunities
  • Check out the payouts before you play
  • Stick to a budget
  • Play at a reputable online casino
  • Pay attention to bonuses and cash in on them for free game play
  • Play free mode to get the hang of the game

Slots Glossary

While browsing through your favourite online casino sites, you’ve no doubt come across certain terms that are frequently used. You probably have no idea what a lot of them mean, so here’s a handy slots glossary that will help you talk the talk so you can walk the walk!

  1. Free spins: Free credits for playing slots
  2. Coin size: How much each coin wagered is valued at
  3. Multiplier: Multiplies the wins for that round by the number of the multiplier
  4. Paylines: The lines on which symbols need to fall to trigger a win
  5. Pay table: A chart of what symbols are valued at
  6. Payout percentage: How often the game pays out over a lifetime
  7. Reels: The grids that the slots symbols spin on
  8. Scatter symbol: Counts as winning combination regardless of where it falls on the reels, usually unlocks bonus features
  9. Symbols: The pictures/icons on the reels
  10. Stacked wilds: A bonus feature in which wild cards are stacked one on top of another for more winning combinations
  11. Wild card: Stands in for any other symbols on the reels for bigger winning combos

Get Busy With the Best Online Slots Today!

Online slots are fast, fun, and entertaining ways to spend your time. There are hundreds of options out there, so you’ll never get bored, and you’ll be amazed at some of the incredible graphics you’re going to see. Don’t forget those juicy progressive jackpots you can only find on the best slots reels. Head over to a reliable online casino now, and get in on the online slots action today!