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Immortal Romance

A Brief Look at Immortal Romance 

Immortal Romance is easily one of the fastest growing games on the popularity charts, reaching unmarked levels in record speeds. The game was launched in 2011 by Microgaming, and this epic story of love, death, and the macabre has only grown more celebrated with time. Microgaming is known for its superior slots machine collection along with outstanding quality games and gaming experience across the board. As one of the most veteran software providers, Microgaming sets the bar for online casino games, and they’ve set it pretty high.

Immortal Romance is a vampire-themed game, which means it’s already winning points in the pop culture department. Along the lines of True Blood, Shadowhunters, and Vampire Diaries (to name a few), Immortal Romance sparks the curiosity of gamers thirsting for something that comes out at night, speaks to our dark passions, and can live forever.

While there is lots to love about this game, the excitement and the fun individual bonus rounds definitely put Immortal Romance over the top. The 243-payline design makes this slots machine even more fun than the standard versions, too.

Check out our entire review to learn everything you need to know about Immortal Romance online slots, or, if you’re ready to dive right into the excitement, then head straight for one of these reliable online casinos to get the most out of your gaming experience:  

How to Play Immortal Romance

While it has plenty of splendid features, Immortal Romance plays just like most online slots machines, albeit with a few differences worth mentioning. To begin:

  1. Go to the gaming lobby and select this game from your choice of options. 
  2. Once the game loads, decide how much you want to wager. Use the + and - icons to raise or lower your wager amount. There are 5 reels, and coin size ranges from .01-.20. 
  3. This is the first area of change to most slots. Instead of selecting the number of paylines you want to keep active during the game and basing your wager amounts on that, Immortal Romance has 243 paylines that are always active. So your wager amount, whatever you choose, is automatically multiplied by 243. Bear this in mind when selecting a coin denomination. The max bet you can make for any single round is 300 coins. 
  4. Once you’re done placing your wager, simply click to begin the game. This is the best part of the game. Watch as the character icons speed by as the reels kick into gear. 

A few of the symbols are worth taking a closer look at. For example:

  • The logo of Immortal Romance is the wild symbol. This icon substitutes for all other symbols on the board except the scatter. Additionally, it will double your winnings for that round. 
  • The scatter symbol is the lion’s head. This is a fabulous symbol to get because it triggers a win regardless of direction, and multiplies your wins for the round. Additionally, 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols consecutively gain the player entrance into the Chamber of Spins, Immortal Romance’s exciting bonus feature. 

As we said, the bonus rounds are what really makes this game pop. In the beginning, only Amber’s bonus feature is unlocked, but as you advance through the game, the other three progressively become available when you enter the Chamber of Spins. The four bonus rounds offer:

  • Amber Bonus Round: 10 free spins and 5x multiplier 
  • Troy Bonus Round: 15 free spins and vampire bats feature 
  • Michael Bonus Round: 20 free spins and rolling reels feature 
  • Sarah Bonus Round: 25 free spins and wild vine feature 

As you advance through the game, you earn bonus levels. So, the more frequently you play, the higher up the bonus feature ladder you’ll climb. Obviously, each bonus round comes with greater benefits, making a sizeable incentive to keep playing and climbing.


The Immortal Romance jackpot is an in-house jackpot (non-progressive), but it’s pretty generous all things considered. The max jackpot you could win is 3,645,000 coins, probably the biggest in-house jackpot you’ll ever see! The key to winning the jackpot is by betting the max, clearing all four bonus round levels, and getting lucky. But if you do, wow, will you be a lucky bloke! This game has a medium to high volatility but considering the jackpot that’s pretty understandable. 

Mobile Version

The mobile version of Immortal Romance is absolutely fabulous. Unlike many other online slots that are converted for mobile gaming, Immortal Romance mobile slots is totally true to the online version, delivering the same thrilling experience, sensational graphics, and outstanding bonus features you’ve come to expect from this game.

Mobile Immortal Romance can be played on tablets, iOS, and Android devices for download, and just about any modern mobile device through the in browser version. As we mentioned, all the features, bonuses, and jackpots are available via the mobile version.

Special Features

Additionally, Immortal Romance has a Wild Desire feature. This randomly appears and will transform up to 5 reels into wild symbols. Obviously, this can amount to colossal wins for the round. No free spins can be retriggered for this bonus feature. And, don’t forget the Paytable Achievements. Clear bonus rounds to get more bonus opportunities.

Finally, the latest features that Microgaming threw into the new version is the Dark Secrets Revealed. This is for real Immortal Romance gaming fans who love the tale behind this exceptional online slots. The feature allows you to click on the story button to uncover the dark secrets that each character is trying to hide from the world.

Graphics & Sounds

The game begins with eerie music playing in the background. Shimmers of light trickle down from the corners of the screen and around the iridescent game logo, but that’s pretty much the only thing light about the montage. Everything else, from the gothic gargoyles flanking the reels, to the macabre backdrop gives the impression of something wicked this way comes. A loud bang also ushers in larger wins. Some of the icons include a mysterious looking mansion, ancient texts, blood red wine, and of course, the sexy and seductive main characters Troy, Michael, Sarah, and Amber.

The real plat du jour, though, is the musical interludes that come with each of the bonus rounds. Each character has their own music video, and these are more than just a little song and dance. The scores are professionally orchestrated, and all we can say is you’ll be searching YouTube for these songs and singing them when you think no one is looking.

Play Immortal Romance Today!

Immortal Romance is a game that will grab hold of your heart and lure you in with its foreboding secrecy, mysterious elements, and enrapturing love story. With 243 paylines, staggeringly high in-game bonus, and four bonus rounds, the wins are fast and frequent, adding to the thrill. All in all, Immortal Romance is an unbeatable casino experience that you are sure to get hooked on for life!